Responsive website promoting the professional film industry work of Tom Evans.

The website has been designed to respond to a wide variety of visitor devices; including desktop, mobile, and tablet. Images on the website scale to accommodate screen sizes while the text content of the site re-sizes and is organised for optimal display and intuitive navigation depending on the device the visitor is using to view the web site.

We worked with Tom to produce stylish but simple design concepts that communicate his skills and passion for film-making and his work in the film industry as a Camera Assistant. Double exposure graphics were produced combining images of Tom working on location with his photographs of ice hockey (another passion of Tom’s). The resulting graphics show off Tom’s working practice while displaying a little of his unique personality and interests.

The over-all site uses a scrolling “one-page” format home-page that quickly gets to the point and provides all essential information in one place. Subsequent pages provide more in depth information such as testimonials, a detailed list of film productions Tom has worked on, and a straight-forward contact form for enquiries.