Stephen Clark Fabrication Consultant

Logo design and web design and development for Stephen Clark Fabrication Consultancy in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Stephen Clark Fabrication Consultant logo designed by Dryad Media

Stephen Clark approached Dryad Media to help develop his brand identity and a new website for his business, a Fabrication Consultancy operating in the North East. homepage designed and developed by Dryad Media

The logo was designed to give a strong impact using repeating shapes, which mirror fabrication processes, whilst providing a unique and easily recognisable identity. This is paired with a traditional “Gothic” sans-serif font, chosen for its authoritative and almost geometric feel.

Fabrication Services on Stephen Clark website designed by Dryad Media web design

Colour scheme designed for Stephen Clark

The WordPress powered website was developed to provide a professional and intuitive experience, whilst being easy for Stephen Clark Fabrication to maintain and update.

Responsive web design for small business based in Newcastle upon Tyne

Responsive and “mobile first” front-end development and design ensures that visitors to the website experience a well-designed and seamless journey through the site on any device they use (mobile, tablet, or desktop).